1. Developing a Health Emergency Response Taskforce (HERT): a suggested scientific approach
    Pandit U

Original Articles

  1. Trochlear sulcus angle and capitello-trochlear angle
    Shrestha A, Chalise P

  2. Management of uterovaginal prolapse in women with medical co-morbidities: a prospective case series of vaginal cerclage procedure
    Pandit U

  3. A retrospective histopathological study of hysterectomy
    Ranabhat SK , Reshmi Shrestha R , Tiwari M , Sinha DP , Subedee LR

  4. Clinical presentation of tuberculosis in HIV positive patients in relation to CD4 counts
    Sedhain A , Ramapuram JT , Adhikari P, Rao SB, Pant P, Koju RP.

  5. Surgical experience with head -neck malignancy
    Ghimire A, Singh I

  6. Placement of double lumen central venous catheter
    Gautam SN, Bhatta SK, Shrestha BC, Sharma NR,

  7. Diagnosing ectopic pregnancy at emergency department
    Paudel RK, Lamsal DR, Sedai LB

  8. Adolescence communication
    Adhikari SR, Bhattarai S, Nayak S, Rawal SB, Shrestha S.

  9. Study on socio-demographic characteristics and diagnosis profile of patients attending psychiatry
    Sedain CP

Review Article

  1. Sacrococcygeal chordoma
    Pandey S

Case Reports

  1. Cutaneous leishmaniasis
    Jha HK, Paudel U,Ranabhat S, Shrestha R, Tiwari M

  2. Triplet births via caesarean section
    Sedain LB, Pandit U, Shrestha A, Regmi S , Shrestha IB

Short Communication

  1. Development of orthopaedic facilities in Chitwan
    Shrestha A

Guidelines for Authors

  1. Guidelines for Authors


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