1. Medical Error
    RM Piryani

Review Articles

  1. Research utilization among nurses: barriers and facilitators
    S Sapkota

Original Research Articles

  1. Stapled haemorrhoidectomy versus openhaemorrhoidectomy: a prospective comparative study
    RS Bhandari, PJ Lakhey, YP Singh, PR Mishra, KP Singh

  2. Cysticerci seroprevalence and risk factors for neurocysticercosis: an observational hospital based study
    MP Barakoti, S Rijal, PM Shyangwa

  3. Electroconvulsive therapy in mood diorders
    SR Adhikari

  4. Study of pattern of adverse drug reaction due to cancer chemotherapy and their management in hospitalized patient in B P koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital
    K Thapaliya, A Shrestha, A Prajapti, R Subedi, S Giri

  5. Skin diseases in a Nepali prison
    N Parajuli, G Jonkman Veenstra, M Jonkman

  6. Pap smear coverage and effect of knowledge and attitude regarding cervical cancer on utilization of the test by women in Udayapur district of Nepal
    S Ranabhat, G Dhungana, M Neupane, R Shrestha, M Tiwari

  7. Prevalence of primary drug resistant tuberculosis in a tertiary care hospital, Nepal
    R Khunjeli, UR Mohsin, SK Shrestha, S Adhikari, B Srivastava, B Shrestha

  8. Knowledge of HIV/AIDS among adolescence at intellectual academy in Kumarigal-7, Tushal, Kathmandu, Nepal
    G Rana

  9. Stress among nurses working in critical care areas at a tertiary care teaching hospital, Nepal
    RK Mehta, IK Singh

Case Reports

  1. Visual outcome on Fitting Rose-K2 XL lens in a case with Terrien’s marginal degeneration
    SK Mishra, GS Shrestha, P Dhungel, B Aryal


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